Insight Cold Calling

The words Insight Cold Calling refer to a calling strategy aimed at avoiding the classical cold call and the related pains, disadvantages and discomfort.


The key point of Insight Cold Calling is in the collection of useful insights meant at creating context for a first conversation with the prospect.

An Insight Cold Caller is able to create value since the beginning, to differentiate from the competition and to be relevant for a prospect.


An effective Insight Cold Calling strategy depends on several factors:

  1. Research useful insights to create context;
  2. Map the company you want to prospect into;
  3. Identify, he people you want to talk to with a top-down approach;
  4. Build rapport with Social Media;
  5. Interact with an E-mail prospecting strategy;
  6. Call the prospect.


As you can see the Insight Cold Calling strategy is the result of information research and selection and tactical action.

The success lays in the ability to mix strategy and tactic in a short amount of time.


Due to the importance of this skill, Insight Cold Calling is part of:


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