E-mail Prospecting

The words E-mail Prospecting refer to an E-mail or a set of E-mails sent to a prospect or a suspect in order to build rapport.

Let’s start from the general B2B Sales Funnel: the E-mail prospecting is situated in the upper part of it.

E-mail Prospecting is an activity where Sales and Marketing overlap.

In some companies this task is up to Marketing with professionals whose job is to generate qualified opportunites (Sales Development Representative – SDRs, Business Development Representative – BDRs), in some others this task is up to salespeople (mainly the Hunters), in some others both Marketing and Sales are accountable for this duty


E-mail Prospecting is a necessary skill nowadays: every salesperson should master it due to the increasing difficulty in getting to decision-makers.

The web is full of valid research about it: one of the most significant states that 86% of business professionals prefer e-mails to communicate.


An effective prospecting E-mail is made up of several parts:

  1. research on the prospect activities, his company and his industry;
  2. An ability to personalize these information to make them relevant;
  3. A catchy headline;
  4. A good copywriting;
  5. An ability to synthesize these information;
  6. A strong call – to – action, that let the prospect act and remember your e-mail.


Due to the importance of this skill, E-mail prospecting is part of:


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