The word Negotiation refers to a communication process between 2 or more people aimed at reaching an agreement: in this scenario these people have common interests, but they hold different positions.

Negotiation is one of the most discussed business topics.

As a matter of fact web is full of valuable articles, books and methodologies all coming from different field such as legal, communication or sales.


The crux of the matter is that we shouldn’t consider negotiation as a separate phase of the sales process, generally coming after the sales proposal.

There’s not only one Negotation phase in which the entire sale is negotiated. The process looks more like a continuous loop starting at the beginning of the sales process and proceeding until the end simultaneously.

An effective Negotiation Training should be done simultaneously with other sales trainings: Negotiation should not be considered as a distinct phase of the sales process.


A valuable training should not provide a set of requests linked to some types of answers in order to find a common ground

If done in this way, a salesperson will run in two main mistakes:

  1. He will consider Negotiation as a debate or controversy between two sides;
  2. He will paralyze in front of the prospect losing empathy which is necessary to deal with this situation.


It turns helpful to provide the salesperson with the tools to:

  1. Set the terms and conditions throughout the sales process communicating the non-negotiable items;
  2. Discover the other side interests, problems and positions with Questioning and Interactive Listening strategies;
  3. Identify the other side negotiation styles and communicate consequently;
  4. Move on with the sales process with effective Closing Strategies;
  5. Disqualify the sales process if you’re not able to find any zone of agreement.


Due to the importance of this skill, E-mail prospecting is part of:


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