Closing Strategies

The words Closing Strategies refer to the use of different types of questions asked during the sales process to get gradual commitment by the prospect in order to close the sale or disqualify it.


For several years closing has been considered a manipiulative technique aimed at forcing the customer decision putting him / her on the spot.

There’s nothing further from the truth: this kind of techniques are ineffective, unprofessional and can harm the relationship with the buyer.


This idea has its roots into an old concept of selling that considered closing as an independent stage of the sales process, next to proposal and negotiation.

The plain truth is that there’s not only one closing phase: there’s a time for signing the agreement there is the result of the sales and negotiation process.

Closing Strategies are experienced throughout the entire sales process in order to evaluate the interest of the prospect and get his commitment to move on with the sale.

Here a visual for it:

Due to this reason an effective training should give the salesperson the skills to:

  1. Identify and evaluate the interest of the prospect by recognizing different types of cues;
  2. Discover needs, projects and problems with effective Questioning and Interactive Listening strategies;
  3. Negotiate the terms of the agreement with a Negotiation strategy;
  4. Get the customer commitment to move on with the sales process with a correct Questioning strategy;
  5. Disqualify the sales process if there’s no customer interest.


Due to the importance of this skill, Closing Strategies are part of:


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