How to find the right insight for your prospecting

This article will be short and straight to point but I’m sure it will give you actionable advices to improve your prospecting performance.

Let’s start with this: the Insight Cold Calling strategy I propose it’s aimed at avoiding cold calling and all the obstaclesproblems and inconveniences related to it.

It’s based on several criterias, the most important one is the research of a useful insight or trigger event in order to create context.

In fact if you want to have a valid discussion with your prospect you should find a trigger event and link it to your Differentiating Value Message.


There are 2 types of trigger events:

There are the External events coming from outside your prospect’s company.

The most important are:

  • Legislative changes;
  • New Competitors;
  • New Economic conditions;
  • New Technologies.


On the other side we have the Internal events, so the events coming from your prospect’s company.

The most important are:

  • New Executives;
  • Company earnings;
  • Company re-organization;
  • New Managers;
  • New products developed;
  • Growth and Expansion;
  • M&A.


The research of the right insight will surely support your prospecting efforts.

If you want to know how to integrate these useful insights in an effective prospective and Insight Cold Calling strategy, feel free to fill the form below.

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