How is structured a good Training Program?

Not all the companies offer a good training program, some others have none, this is why lot of professionals rely on external trainers to improve their skills.

Some other professionals (just like me) passionate about continuous learning and self-improvement so invest their own money in training even if the company they work for provides them high-quality resources.


Today I’d like to delve into this topic: how can you identify a correct Training Program?

There are some elements to consider when choosing for a training program: there elements are fundamental due to the amount of resources we have nowadays.

This vast offer generates confusion and sometimes the phenomenon known as Paralysis by Analysis: the incessant research for relevant information that paralyzes the decision.


A good Training Program should be:

  1. Continuous
    Most training programs or events tend to be time-consuming and periodic while learning has to be shorter and happen more often.
  2. Lifelong
    This may seem a set phrase but the world is evolving so fast that we need to learn throughout our career and to be followed during this time.
  3. Hybrid
    We learn differently and in different ways. A hybrid approach which mixes traditional training with digital experiences can turn out as a powerful learning experience.


There are some other elements to consider, for example the quality of the trainers and coaches.

I suggest you to rely on a professional or ex-professional who practiced what he wants to teach.

To accomplish this I recommend you a deep research on their career, their studies and certifications to get a better view of their offer.

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