How should you answer to the “I have to think about it” objection?

I bet you faced this objection many times, especially when following-up after a sales proposals you dedicated time and efforts to complete.

Despite you qualified your prospect, you understood its timeline and decision-making criteria you receive this answer which surprises you.

The prospect who seem so convinced of his project and his purchase now starts doubting.

At this stage you could just use common sense and let the prospect think and then call you back but you’ll make a mistake.

The reason is that when we have to commit and make a decision we become overwhelmed by several emotions such us the fear of making mistakes.


This is why it’s your responsibility to understand the reasons behind this objection because most of the time they rise because you missed something.

The next time you’ll face this objection just take a breath and ask the prospect:


“It’s legit you want to think about and if I was you I’ll probably do the same.

Let me ask you a question – when I receive an answer like yours there are 2 underlying reasons: the person I’m talking to is not interested anymore or she’s not sure of her purchase.

Which one of these two fits to your situation?”


When you do this you re-open the discussion and the prospect will answer because it’s in his interest to do so.

If he’s not interested anymore you saved lot of time you can invest in other prospects or customers.

If he’s not sure you can question him and understand what causes his uncertainty, what you missed and fill this gap.


Objections handling is an important topic, sometimes underestimated or linked to ineffective linguistic techniques.

If you’re interested in understanding my method I suggest you to refer specific page and fill the form below.

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