An important truth of Sales Presentations

Presentations are a complex and interesting argument, probably one of the broadest in the Sales world: a Sales Presentation is a result of the sum of several variables which is necessary to consider.


Too have a clear picture of it, it is enough to think about some elements such as the structure of the slides, the rhythm of the pitch, the speed of the pitch, the pauses and the intensity of the gaze in order to realise that we are in front of an elaborate puzzle, made up of many small pieces.


Anyway there’s a link among these pieces which we need to consider when we talk about Sales Presentation: more than a simple link this is a fundamental truth which allows us to reach the essence of the Presentations.

Contrary from what we think a Sales Presentation is not independent but it develops in a social, economical and cultural framework which we need to consider.


The salesperson who’s able to recognize these variables, familiarize with them and leverage them is able to increase her possibilities of success.

Conversely, a salesperson who doesn’t consider them or goes against them runs the risk of jeopardizing the sale and not building the value needed to advance the sale.


Here you are one suggestion: train yourself to recognize these 3 variables, to make them yours and try to leverage them if you want to raise your chances of success.

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