Other 3 good reasons why you should never negotiate via e-mail.

In the last weeks I often wrote about e-mail Negotiation explaining why I don’t recommend you to use this channel to Negotiate.

Today I’d like to write something more providing other 3 reasons why I don’t suggest you to Negotiate via e-mail, especially due to the changes that the recent Covid-19 pandemic has caused in sales.

The objective of this article is to help you improve your performance and avoid all the e-mail Negotiation.

First of all, e-mail Negotiation makes it hard to build rapport with the prospect and we all know how fundamental it is in sales.

E-mail forces us to use a standard communication style which doesn’t allow to show our emotions or recognize those of our prospect.
As you know, these are both crucial in order to establish a relationship.


Reason number 2, e-mail Negotiation doesn’t allow us to mirror our prospect.

Mirroring is pivotal in sales and fosters the rythm and flow of the commercial conversation: without it the conversation gets intricated and fragmented.

In addition to this, the best Mirroring happens face-to-face or by phone.


Last but not least, e-mail Negotiation generates a decrease in the quality and quantity of the information exchanged.

As I wrote before e-mail forces us to use a standard communication style and to summarize our words.

The main consequence of this is a drastic reduction of the quality and quantity of information exchanged which compromises the Negotiation process.

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