The fundamental ingredient of a Sales Presentation

I often write about Sales Presentation because I think it’s a crucial element of the commercial process, especially nowadays in which we have less time to show the value of our solutions and we rarely have a second chance.

A few weeks ago I underlined how a Sales Presentation should be considered as a complex puzzle of small pieces linked together by a general truth working as a glue.

This truth is that a Sales Presentation is not independent but develops in a social, economical and cultural framework which we need to consider.

Today I’d like to make a step further because there’s a fundamental ingredient we have to add if we want to succeed.


The ingredient I’m talking about is respect or, mentioning Jon Steel and his ‘The Perfect Pitch’ (which I strongly suggest you), the perception your audience have of the respect you’re giving them.

Everytime you present the audience should perceive 2 things:

  • That nothing is more valuable to you that the things you’re saying and the moment you’re living;
  • That no one in the world is more important to you than those who are listening and looking at you, in other terms the people who are giving you attention.


There are several ways to be revelant and communicate this respect to your audience: one of these is the use of gaze in a Sales Presentation which I wrote about in this article.

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