When you ask a question, wait twice to receive an answer

As you already know a capable salesperson should be curious and should know when and how to ask the right questions by avoiding that a commercial conversation becomes an interrogation or even a checklist.

On the other side his capability is measured based on the answers she receives but unfortunately the link between an effective question and an exhaustive answer is not so strong: in other words a good question doesn’t guarantee a satisfying answer.


When this happens we should find the causes in the actions the salesperson does after she asks the question and today I’d like to talk about this, so why you should wait twice when you ask a strategic or high-level question.

Let’s start by saying that a high-level or a strategic question is one which requires some time and reflection to be answered, so a question focused mainly on the problems, projects or needs of your prospect.


When you ask one f these questions, let’s start by waiting patiently.

You cannot imagine how many of us don’t wait after the question but instead try to add a comment, paraphrase or even suggest an answer to the prospect: this happens because we’re not at ease with the silence and we feel the need to fill it.


After this first stop, learn how to create uncomfortable silences: in other words wait for a second time, maybe 5 or 6 seconds.

In this way you’ll encourage your prospect to fill this silence, to add something, to paraphrase, to complete what he wants to say: only by doing this you’ll be able to better align to his needs and requests.

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