Before choosing the technology, focus on the process

Whether we admit it or not, we’re on the age of commercial automation: Sales Automation and Sales Engagement software boss around by automating all the manual tasks which were left to sales or marketing people.

The value proposition is clear and effective: these software free up the salesperson’s time by automating the repetitive tasks which take time and energy – this time can then be allocated for strategic or customer-facing duties.



It is pretty much true but we should consider another element of the equation which (if not considered) can generate several errors: I’m referring to the behaviour which characterises these types of purchases and generally speaking, most of the technology purchases.

To be clear I’m talking about the myopia which brings the purchaser to believe that the standardised process brought by the Sales Automation or Sales Engagement software will automatically solve his commercial problems.


As I often say, nothing could be further from the truth: a sales automation solution won’t solve any problem if you don’t drill down.

To be honest without any corrective action done before, the commercial automation solution will speed up the mistakes and generate frustration, low adoption and (sometimes) even failure of the entire sales transformation project.


For the above mentioned reasons and before adopting any Sales Automation or Sales Engagement solution you should work behind the surface, you should drill down and lay a hand on your commercial operations by focusing on the process.

As a matter of fact designing, modifying or improving a commercial process which will help you reach your company’s objectives, which satisfies your type of customer’s needs and aligns with his preferred methods of interactions is the first step to do… even before the evaluation of any solution.


Naturally this is not simple at all: there are several consultants and professionals who can support you in this transformation.

Anyway you can start with something leaner: I’ll talk about this in the next article by giving you a practical suggestion to develop an ‘in house consultancy’ which you can use before any Sales Automation or Sales Engagement solutions evaluation.

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