What you should ask before choosing a Sales Automation software

Last week I wrote about choosing a Sales Automation or Sales Engagement software: in the article I focused on that myopia which often characterises these types of purchases and may have negative consequences for the business.

To be more precise I referred to the behaviour which brings the buyers to believe that the standardised process of the Sales Automation or Sales Engagement software will automatically solve his commercial problems.


As you probably read nothing could be further from the truth: before choosing the technology it’s mandatory to focus on the process and then adapt the first to the latter.

To be honest this in not an easy task and there’s more than one professional who can help you (I also consult about this): anyway and if you don’t have enough budget for this project you can also develop an ‘In house’ consultancy or start from it.


Let’s outline the situation before an in-depth analysis: a Sales Automation or Sales Engagement solution will be used by salespeople and – guess what – you should start form them.

As you probably know most of us are reluctant to these types of solutions and not because of laziness: the vast majority sees them as tools which worsen the commercial operations and harden a process which should be flexible, agile and adaptable to the customers.

Furthermore the majority of salespeople are control freaks and could take this decision as a top-down order which doesn’t consider the effects on sales operations: this command could generate scepticism which will cause low software adoption.


According to these reasons I suggest you to start from your salespeople and collect their points of view regarding the sales process before any evaluation.

More precisely your ‘In house’ consultancy should contain these types of questions:

  • What would you like the process to do for you?
  • What would you like the technology to do for you?
  • How could a new sales process help you perform better?
  • And a technology?
  • What benefits would you like to get from a new sales process?
  • And from a new technology?
  • What other problems could be solved by modifying the sales process?
  • What other problems would you like to solve with the technology?
  • How would the process help you interact with the other company departments?
  • What types of limits do you see in introducing a new sales process?
  • And a new technology?


If you think that these questions are not enough I suggest you to add more: at a later time you should collect and study them in order to obtain a clear view you’ll communicate to the company.

Only by collecting the points of view of those who are part of a process and who’ll use the technology bought to improve it you’ll guarantee the success you, your team and your company are aiming for.

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