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How to help your client see the Risk of Inaction

If you follow the website you probably know it’s not the first time I talk about decisions, non-actions and Status Quo: regarding the latter, I wrote about it twice by focusing on how to recognise it and how to overcome it with an easy method.

Today I’d like to add something more by focusing on a specific topic: I’m talking about the Risk of Inaction and how to help your client or prospect visualise it.


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How to answer the question: “Why are you better than your competitors?

As I wrote a few weeks ago competitors is one of the most important and recurring topic in sales: if you’ve been selling for a while the majority of sales you closed or joined included one or more of your competitors.

Furthermore you trained yourself or your company trained you by explaining their strengths, their weaknesses and the differences between your solutions.


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Sales Presentations: how to use the 4 main colours

As I wrote recently, talking about Sales Presentations is not an easy task nowadays: Covid-19 changed the majority of our commercial rules, especially those related to presentations.

We shifted to a fully remote model which forced us to always present behind a screen and the big projectors, the whiteboards and the pointers have been replace by numerous online tools.


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Sales Presentations – how to review your performance

Writing about Sales Presentations is not an easy task nowadays: the recent pandemic forced us to work fully remote so to understand its strengths and weaknesses.

All these months made us learn how to present remotely and – for those who were already used to it – how to enhance our presentation skills because our job has definitely changed.


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Two simple questions to ask for the budget

Talking about budget is not an easy task for a salesperson: most of us are totally uncomfortable with the topic while others make mistakes which compromises their margins, such as the reflection.

The reason of this discomfort lies in the fact that we’re not used to talk about money and we think that if we raise the topic too early we’ll damage the relationship we’ve created so far.


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You should never share a meeting agenda without discussing it

One of the first sales trainers I’ve met told me that the main aim of a meeting agenda is to structure the conversation and to set its tone.

In other words an agenda is aimed at communicating professionalism, at maximizing the use of time, at showing that you’ll cover several topics and that the meeting will be done when you’ll reach certain objectives.


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Sales Messaging – why it’s so complicated

As all those who sell for a living I often deal with Sales Messaging, so the sum of Pitches used in the daily conversations with prospects and customers.

On my part I love to spend enough time on it because I think Sales Messaging is still the foundation of a successful commercial activity: the content we deliver is relevant as much as the channel we use to deliver it, especially in sales.


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What’s ‘Questioning exhaustion’ and what you should do to overcome it

One of the sales topics I’m more interested and I love to talk about is the Questioning one: I wrote about it in several articles by looking at it from different points of view and by providing some practical tips.

This interest is motivated by the fact that questions are strictly related to sales success and the ability of a salesperson lies in her skill of asking the right things at the right time.


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