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The fundamental ingredient of a Sales Presentation

I often write about Sales Presentation because I think it’s a crucial element of the commercial process, especially nowadays in which we have less time to show the value of our solutions and we rarely have a second chance.

A few weeks ago I underlined how a Sales Presentation should be considered as a complex puzzle of small pieces linked together by a general truth working as a glue.

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Who is a Champion?

If you sell complex or moderate complex solutions you should know something about Champions and I’m pretty sure that you heard about them in a training or in a sales methodology.

In the event that you sell simple solutions or you have never heard about them I hope this article will help you: nowadays simple solutions are not that simple anymore and they require you interact with more than one person.

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Other 3 good reasons why you should never negotiate via e-mail.

In the last weeks I often wrote about e-mail Negotiation explaining why I don’t recommend you to use this channel to Negotiate.

Today I’d like to write something more providing other 3 reasons why I don’t suggest you to Negotiate via e-mail, especially due to the changes that the recent Covid-19 pandemic has caused in sales.

The objective of this article is to help you improve your performance and avoid all the e-mail Negotiation.

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2 questions you should ask yourself at the end of a Negotiation

Negotiation is one of the most complex and fascinating topics in sales and I often write about it considering different point of views.

I wrote about it considering the negotiating context and the use of e-mails in Negotiation.
In addition to this, the course is one of the longest of my Academy in confirmation of all the things to say about the topic.

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Reflection: a mistake you should avoid to save your profits

One of the toughest topics in sales is price which is often discussed and negotiated.

Both buyer and seller complain about it: the first because it’s their job and they have to do it, the latter because they think that price reductions will help them in facing less resistance and objections.

According to these salespeople, this should help them selling easily and faster by granting less discounts.

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