Sales Process Assessment

The Sales process Assessment is created for 3 main reasons:

  1. Evaluate your sales process;

  2. Identify areas of improvement;

  3. Develop a personalised training plan, prioritizing areas based on your needs.

The assessment is made up of 9 sections plus 1 optional (Whiteboard Pitching) which refer to the 10 specific areas of the sales process:

  1. E-mail Prospecting

  2. LinkedIn Social Selling

  3. Insight Cold Calling

  4. Interactive Listening

  5. Pitching & Presentation

  6. Questioning

  7. Objection Handling

  8. Negotiation

  9. Closing Strategies

  10. Whiteboard Pitching


The 9 sections are made of 7 questions, the optional one is made of 5 and the scale used is a 5 points Likert.

This choice is due to its simplicity and to its capacity of measuring behaviours, so the answers elicited by the working environment.

At the end of the test you’ll have a ranking of the areas investigated which will be organized based on your needs.

The first area will be the one you’ll have more need to work on with a specific training, the last one will be the less necessary.

The assessment won't take a lot of your time but I suggest you to do it when you have 30 minutes and you're free from distractions.

If you're confused, you don't know how to start or what course to prioritize this assessment can be beneficial:
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